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that putin, yes, could have made obama look bad in a few ways, meeting face-to- face, in ways that -- i mean, now, if you look at it from the outside, it's almost like obama is beating putin in a political race, and putin is demanding a debate, and the front-runner has no reason to meet with him. we're beating putin economically, we're exporting oil to europe when he wants to be doing it. so putin brings him into the country and somehow brings the snowden factor out there, which can only make obama look bad. no. obama has nothing to gain, lots to lose. not surprised he cancelled it. >> i'm not surprised he cancelled it either. we have to understand what putin is like. this guy, putin, is one tough cookie. he came out of the kgb. he was the head of a lot of their, shall we say, undercover activities. he was a very tough guy that he was able to take over that country, the way he did, at the age he did. those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't. we have to be very careful about dealing with this guy. we cannot give him the feeling that he can push us around. i think this is exactl
names or other identifying information. the article was published hours before president obama held a news conference to announce a series of reforms related to the nsa spy programs. >> it is not about me as president having confidence in these programs. the american people need confidence in them as well. that is why i have consulted members of congress. i have passed the privacy and civil liberties oversight board to review where our counter- terrorism efforts and our values come into tension, and i have asked my national security team to be more aware of laws and practices. we will have more on the nsa after headlines. scores of people are dead and hundreds are wounded following a weekend of violence in iraq. a series of bombings aimed at shiites killed dozens of people over the weekend. families were celebrating eid- al-fitr, which marks the end of ramadan. according to a private monitoring group, an al qaeda affiliate has claimed responsibility for the bombings. on sunday, at least seven people died. three u.s. soldiers died in afghanistan on sunday. the u.s. official said that
them visas to the u.s. now comes obama's cancellation of their meeting in moscow next month. the white house cited a lack of progress on issues from missile defense to trade, to global security and human rights. then of course, there is the snowden question. president obama said he was disappointed by the russian asylum decision and less like he added -- >> there have been times when they slip back into cold war thinking and a cold war mentality. what i consistently say to president putin is that is the past. we've got to think about the future. >> i think putin has deliberately decided to poke obama in the eye. even before snowden, this was not a happy relationship. maybe something went wrong when they met at the g-8 summit. this has been a deliberate act decided by the kremlin. do not believe any of the russian stuff about low-level officials have taken the decision. >> his election campaign last year was marked by a series of mass protests in moscow and other major cities. his reaction, according to human rights watch, was to introduce curbs on public demonstrations and a wider defi
president. president obama delivered his latest address on the economy tuesday claiming a recovery in the housing market and calling for private lenders to form the backbone of the market while the government plays a more limited role. speaking in phoenix, ariz., he backed a plan to end the firms fannie mae and freddie mac in the effort to avoid another crisis. >> one thing we can do to make sure this doesn't happen again is to wind down these companies that are not really government but private-sector. they are known as freddie mac and fannie mae. for too long, these companies were allowed to make huge profits, buying mortgages, knowing that if their bets when that, taxpayers would be left holding the bag. was a heads we win, tails you lose. it was wrong. along with what happened on wealth -- wall street, it help to inflate this bubble. the justice department sued bank of america, accusing that it willfully defrauding investors. report from the national oceanic atmospheric administration says last year was among the 10 warmest on record around the world. full degree were in higher
obama and president vladimir putin. the one-on-one meeting was supposed to take place next month ahead of the g-20 summit in st. petersburg. white house officials say obama will go to the g-20 meeting. >> we were not at the point in our progress on a number of these issues where a summit at the presidential level was the most constructive step. >> she also cited the gap between the two sides on missile defense, nuclear disarmament and human rights, but she says that the u.s. is committed to dialogue with moscow. she said her government will host a meeting of russian and foreign defense ministers on friday in washington as scheduled. many senior u.s. lawmakers have supported obama's decision. washington says it will continue demanding snowden's extradition. putin's presidential aide is disappointed at the summit cancellation. he said the decision clearly shows the u.s. is not prepared to develop relations with russia on an equal basis. but he said the invitation for obama to visit russia still stands and that russian representatives are ready to continue working with their u.s. partners
roos told nhk he hopes president obama will one day visit hiroshima. roos became theist first u.s. envoy to attend the memorials in hiroshima and nagasaki. >> president obama, as you know, has promoted an agenda of elimination of all nuclear weapons. i have no doubt that the president would support that decision to go, which he did. >> roos says it would be an honor for obama to visit hiroshima during his presidency. >>> the forecast for japan's meteorological agency have issued an extreme weather warning to people in northern parts of the country telling them to watch out for flooding an landslides. >> northern japan is being hit by unprecedented torrential rains. it may continue for a few more hours. please take measures to protect yourselves. >> in some areas, flooding has inundated road. landslides have blocked other routes. weather authorities say dozens of houses have been swamped. they are urging people who live alongside several rivers to evacuate their homes because of possible flooding. in a city of ayutthaya kita prefecture, forecasters say the amount of rain that fel
know what it felt like. mrs. obama talked about it when we had a screening at the white house, how excruciating that scene was, and how she wanted young people to see how far we've come and to realize that we're not there yet. i think it's more than just racial discrimination. i think it's discrimination of all kinds - religious, ethnic. i think we need to do a better job. tavis: yeah. i know, given your stature, it's not about you going to the white house. there are presidents who wanted to meet you when they come out this way. but i am curious as to whether or not there was - this represented a moment for you to be in the white house with a black first family with a movie being screened with this subject matter. >> i'm so over thinking of him as a black president. i think of him as our president, wrestling with so many daunting issues and problems. i was delighted to be there. one of the things that was important in that visit is that mrs. robinson was there with a number of jackie robinson scholarship recipients from across the country, young kids who were brought to white house
...el presidente barack obama ya se encuentra en casa blanca donde se prepara para trabajar con dos tareas que dejo pendientes antes de salir de vacaciones... el llegar a un acuerdo con los republicanos en torno a a este tema para evitar el cierre del gobierno y continuar su presion para lograr la aprobacion de una reforma migratoria... fernando pizarro con los detalles. las vacaciones del presidente obama ya son pasado, y ahora el mandatario tiene 2 desafios pendientes, el presupuesto y la reforma migratoria. el presidente y el congreso tienen que llegar a 1 acuerdo sobre el presupuesto antes del 30 de spetiembre, de lo contrario existe la amenaza nuevamente del cierre del gobierno federal. organizaciones conservadoras se enfocan en quitarle fondos a la reforma de salud como requisito para aprobar el financiamiento del gobierno. israel ortega, editor heritage libertad la fundacion heritage esta recorriendo el pais tratando de abogar por revocar los fondos para obamacare porque pensamos que es la ultima oportunidad que tenemos realmente para prevenir que esa ley sea implementada y pensamos que es i
snowden was also a factor. obama will still attend the g 20 summit in st. petersburg. on "the tonight show" obama reacted to russia's announcement it would give snowden asylum for year. >> i was disappointed because even though we don't have an extradition treaty with them, traditionally, we have tried to respect if there is a lawbreaker or alleged lawbreaker in their country, we of value weight it and try to work with them. they didn't do that with us. in some ways it is reflective of underlying challenges we have had with russia lately. >> president obama also responded to the growing controversy over the wide ranging nsa surveillance programs that edward snowden has revealed. >> a lot of these programs were put in place before i came in. i had some skepticism and i think we should have healthy skepticism about what government is doing. i had the programs reviewed and putting additional safeguards to make sure there is federal court oversight as well as congressional oversight, that there is no spying on americans. we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have are
presidencial y compaÑera de juegos de bo, el famoso perro de la familia obama... sunny es de la misma raza de bo, una perra de aguas primera dama, michelle obama presento a su nueva mascota a traves de las redes sociales.. sunny naciÓ en michigan en junio de 2012, y llegÓ a la casa blanca hoy martes.. segun la casa blanca, sunny es la hermana pequeÑa ideal para bo, llena de energÍa y muy cariÑosa, y la familia presidencial decidiÓ darle ese nombre porque se ajustaba a su personalidad "alegre"!! >>> pÁnico en una escuela elemental. lo causo un hombre que >>> alumnos y maestros evacuaron el colegio. no hay vÍctimas. >>> renunciarÁ a la ciudadanÍa de canadÁ Él insiste que solo es estadounidense. >>> mujeres de armas tomar, en guerrero mÉxico se han sumado grupo de autodefensa para combatir a criminales y no todos aplauden esta idea salen los boletos para el campeonato mundial brasil 2014. le diremos cuanto vale y como comprar. comenzamos. ♪ >>> este es, su noticiero univisiÓn, con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. >>> buenas noches, sucediÓ otra vez. pang tras
ocho de la noche... tambien les cuento que la primera dama michelle obama, tendra una participacion especial maÑana en sabado gigante, maÑana a las ocho de la noche... la primera dama enviara un mensaje a los niÑos hispanos como parte de su iniciativa para desarrollar niÑos mas saludables !!a moverse!! la cual busca actividades divertidas y alimentacion sana para evitar la obesidad infantil y atencion amantes de la lucha libre, noticias washington le invita a participar en una emocionante promocion... este 1 de septiembre estara en la ciudad capital la lucha libre del wwe totalmente en vivo en el verizon center y usted se puede ganar un par de boletos para asistir con asientos privilegiados justo junto al cuadrilatero...como?? muy facil, mande las siglas wwe al numero 90900... partciipe para que vea de cerca a john cena, alberto del rio, randy orton y otros campeones... wwe al 90900 ♪ es viernes...23 de agosto..y estas son las noticiasal menos cinco cadaveres hallados en una fosa comun corresponden a jovenes secuestrados en el bar heaven de la ciudad de mexico. lo confirman of
soldado tenia una peluca rubia y lapiz labial.... la administracion del presidente obama anuncio hoy su plan para hacer mas accesible la educacion universitaria en el pais... busca que se evaluen los costos de las carreras universitarias y tambien el nivel de la deuda de los estudiantes... fernando pizarro nos amplia.. en buffalo, nueva york, el presidente propuso reformar como se ranquea a las universidades basandose en si los costos cada vez mas altos valen la pena para los estudiantes y sus familias. el sistema que se implantaria en 2 anos, mediria diferentes factores economicos de las universidades. presidente obama con cuanta deuda sale el estudiante promedio? que tan facil es pagarla? cuantos estudiantes se graduan a tiempo? que tan bien les va a esos graduados en la fuerza laboral? el presidente, que admitio no haber podido pagar sus propias deudas estudiantiles hasta despues de cumplir los 40 anos, dijo que el sistema ranquearia mejor a escuelas donde sea mas rentable estudiar. segun la asociacion de universidades y colegios hispanos, faltan muchos detalles en la propuesta del p
en este aÑo solamente. >>> importante, que el gobierno de obama filtre mÁs dinero para la lucha contra estos siniestros que cobraron muchas estructuras y hogares en estados de la naciÓn. gracias marÍa eugenia. >>> ahora una historia que lo harÁ pensar dos veces antes de comprar un vehÍculo en estados unidos. las autoridad de mÉxico insisten en seguir el juicio de dos jÓvenes de guadalajara, en mazatlÁn, le hallaron un paquete de un cocaÍna en el tablero del auto, el padre de un dtenido, comprÓ el vehÍculo en texas, y es el mismo que en meses antes de la patrulla en noviembre, se hallÓ 5 paquetes de cocaÍna casi idÉnticos, se entregaron esta y mÁs pruebas, la procuradurÍa general de justicia no desiste de sus acusaciones, los jÓvenes hablaron con univisiÓn. >>> en ese momento fue cuando se me vino el mundo encima, porque yo no tenÍa conocimiento de eso. >>> y de pronto nos suben, y mi impresiÓn fue que nos asustamos, estÁbamos muy nerviosos, nos empezaron a preguntar, por quÉ traen esto, y nos enseÑan, traen droga, a quiÉn se la llevan. >>> un documento de
labial.... la administracion del presidente obama anuncio hoy su plan para hacer mas accesible la educacion universitaria en el pais... busca que se evaluen los costos de las carreras universitarias y tambien el nivel de la deuda de los estudiantes... fernando pizarro nos amplia.. en buffalo, nueva york, el presidente propuso reformar como se ranquea a las universidades basandose en si los costos cada vez mas altos valen la pena para los estudiantes y sus familias. el sistema que se implantaria en 2 anos, mediria diferentes factores economicos de las universidades. presidente obama con cuanta deuda sale el estudiante promedio? que tan facil es pagarla? cuantos estudiantes se graduan a tiempo? que tan bien les va a esos graduados en la fuerza laboral? el presidente, que admitio no haber podido pagar sus propias deudas estudiantiles hasta despues de cumplir los 40 anos, dijo que el sistema ranquearia mejor a escuelas donde sea mas rentable estudiar. segun la asociacion de universidades y colegios hispanos, faltan muchos detalles en la propuesta del presidente, puesto que las univers
as president obama was meeting with their prime minister in washington. >> greece is going through incredible challenges. and so far, the prime minister has taken some very bold and difficult actions to initiate the structural reforms that can help reduce the debt burden that greece experiences, but even more importantly, can unleash incredible talent of great people so they are effectively competing in this new world economy. praised president obama greece posse economic initiatives, residents of greece say years of tax rises, wages, and pension cuts continue to take their toll. -- tax rises from the ages and pension cuts, continue to take their toll. >> i am 66 years old, unemployed and will not get a pension three at i am looking in the garbage for something to be. >> a miami beach police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave after he fatally shot an 18 euro graffiti artist with a taster. the teenager, israel hernandez, was an award-winning artist whose work have been exhibited locally. the police officer began chasing hernandez after he saw the artist spray tanning is tagge
with this under obama >> i was a student during the , and for some reason i felt it was necessary to .ecome a philosopher there were more ises of humanity. what can we do? were we just interested in jobs so we can become materialists, or did we value human values. i think the understanding we have to build our souls and not just the economy is going among the people, and the world needs that. tavis: this is why i love you so much. you mentioned fdr and a philip randolph and the work they did together. this week marks the 50th anniversary of the big march in detroit. you can read this online these days. speechous i have a dream , we celebrate 50 years this coming august. before king got to washington to deliver this speech, he went to detroit. it was in destroyed he worked it out. he used it as a testing ground. first in detroit. grace lee boggs was in the audience. >> i was an organizer. rex she was an organizer when dr. king came to detroit. 100,000 people. >> 2000 people. tavis: -- 200,000 people. tavis: i am only 48, but your memory is better than mine. >> the alabama christian movement
story your character is not going to see barack obama elected but you understand what a a -- >> do you know the real mrs. allen died a day before he was elected? she died on november 3! they campaigned for him and she died november 3. >> rose: there's another great line in which eugene allen is -- the butler comes to the white house. he comes to the white house to meet the president and some young aide says to your character, eugene allen, mr. gaines in this case, "i'll show you the way." and what does he say? >> "i know way." (laughter) >> that was a great moment. >> we were talking about had we achieved it yet and it's still sitting on that promissory note that martin luther king talked about, the promissory note of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that this is the note that was promised to all american for human rights so the civil rights movement which isn't really a history, it's a living history. because we're still moving in the same shape towards accomplishing what was the initial promise. he talks about that vault, he refuses to believe that it's empty and that all
inquilina hace de las suyas en la casa blanca, se llama soni, la nueva mascota de los obama, de la misma raza que boo, que podrÁ mostrar dotes de galÁn con la compaÑera, naciÓ en michig michigan, no se descarta que recorra los salones de la mansiÓn ejecutiva, incluso la legendaria oficina oval, como perro por su casa, tremenda casa que tienen los perritos, la vida de perros, fÍjense ustedes, conÉctese a univisiÓ para estar informados de lo que pasa en el mundo, desde su computadora, o mÓvil, y seguimos con mÁs en "despierta amÉrica", adelante chicos. ♪. ♪. ♪ oye mi amigo de lo que uno se entera♪. ♪ de lo que uno se entera yo lo contare sin pena♪. >>> quiero ser perrito de los obama. >>> yo tambiÉn, con ser perro en la casa blanca me conformo. >>> quÉ comerÁn los perritos ahÍ? >>> croquetas bien sabrosas. >>> honey estÁ desayunando, tiene su comidita aquÍ guev o soy perro de la casa blanca, o honey. (risas) >>> hasta la nombramos, y se le parÓ la cabecita. >>> uno chismea mi tacher, lo que uno se entera, el actor arturo carmona que interpreta un papel en
pendiente, el presidente obama, recibiÓ al plantel 40 aÑos luego de coronarse campeones invictos del super bowl, desde hace quince aÑos un jugador escribiÓ cartas a los mandatarios para agasajar al equipo, cuando obama los compensÓ con la foto del recuerdo en la mansiÓn ejecutiva. estÁn de fiesta en miami, y ya lo sabe, si quiere mÁs detalles de lo compartido hasta el momento, visite univisiÓn noticias. com, desde su computadora o mÓvil, continuamos con mÁs en este ombligo de la semana en "despierta amÉrica", adelante. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> vamos. >>> quiÉn? >>> es que la amo. >>> oye. oye. >>> no es de los que nos enteram enteramos, jacqueline andere celebrÓ sus cumpleaÑos. felicidades para ella, y los compaÑeros de libre por amarte le festejaron, escuchamos quÉ compartiÓ con nuestros amigos de televisa espectÁculos. >>> jacqueline felicidades. >>> muchas gracias. a esta edad, no me feliciten. mejor dÍgame, bueno, dÓnde nos vamos a ver pronto. >>> cuÁles son los deseos, los regalos que le dieron, felicitaciones. >>> amaneciÓ el dÍa, de veras, muy temprano. >>>
washingt post, la sema pasada, el presidente obama, anuio rermas al siema, asurÓ. >>> ablan en inglÉs). >>> teo coianza en que no se han cometido abusos en el programa. Í y todo, una auditoria de la agencia obtenida por el washington post, identifica 2776 sos en un aÑo, donde sÍ obtuvieron, guarron y distribuyeron municaciones contra la ley. el fracaso por falta de abierta vigilancia, dice uexrto en derecho a la privacidad. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> el principal probla del programa es que es secreto, la superviÓn fracasa por eso hubo miles de errores, nadie spodÍa enterar, defensores de la necesidad de este tipo de ograma en la lucha antiterrorista estÁn decepcnados. >>> hubo erres, y violaciones tambiÉn de los controles y se requiere una respuesta. urgente. > en muchos casos, la n s a cometiÓ errores, como confundir el cÓdigo para llamar a egipto, y cairo, yos con el cÓdigo de washington d c, de donde obtuvieron rÉcord telefÓnicos, y cortes que autorizan las operaciones, no se enteraron a tiempo de mÉtodos que determinaron que eran anticonstitucionales, se atribuyÓ l
, porsuadirlombre ra q dejarae diarar el rifle de alto q portab ye pusier manos de toridade jo que obamae hiz el dia al amarlay la vozel maatar, fue laejor q cucÓ porl tÉfo. un eraordinario can scadorstÁ vo en florida, luego de pasar hos nadao y perdon elmenso golfo de mexico stevmormors pesca eel bote seayÓl aguain chaleco salvavid, vio un camaronero, noudo alcanzlo deces lo busban, otro pescadoro rescatÓ fue llevad alhospital agotad y deshratadou essa dijo q nunca mÁs lo dejarÁrpescar lo. creÍble realment la mayoria ste to de casos no teinanen laersona q cae ua, no soevive, creo quse trÓe un lagr de osay mÁn "deierta america", chos quetienen stos pa nosoos? >>> rpreidoson la ticias >>un angelocuidab Ántashoras? >>> 22 hora >>> traste de flot ela play >>condiÓn fÍca creible. >>fue milagro, un Áng lo levantÓ >> hay que tene una coiciÓ fÍsi extrrdinaria. sino naguaas. >>> s pescades son buen nadao, pero hora >>> rmalmental estar nsad la posiciÓ que ase, para descaar y e marabieo ensta posiÓn, pareces u foca, y qÉ va a pasar, t van a comer. >>mientr noe e
it is disappointment -- disappointed president obama canceled a one-on-one meeting with vladimir putin last month, it is seen as direct retaliation to russia's decision to grant asylum to edward snowden. the meeting -- the leaders had been due to hold separate meetings on the sidelines of the summit in st. petersburg. forget tea or coffee. if you want to keep mentally sharp you may want to drink two cups of cocoa a day. they say regularly drinking cocoa can help improving the memory of old people by boosting blood flow to the brain. britain's alzheimer's society described the study of 60 people as small but interesting. and football, english premier kling -- premier league clubs will be using goal line technology for the first time when the new season kicks off. cameras placed at each goal and high in the stands to give an instant and definitive answer. the hawkeye system is similar to the one already used in tennis. egypt, it is the start of the muslim festival of eid that marks the end of ramadan but the paller of the atmosphere is anxious. a tense standoff between the interim government and su
on monday that the obama administration is concerned about the possibility of more violence. >>> india's leaders are celebrating a milestone in their naval the country's first domestically built aircraft carrier. observers say it's part of an ever to deal with china's growing presence in the indian ocean. defense minister a.k. anthony was in southern india to celebratthe completion of the ins hall. the 37,000, 500 ton-vessel will be able to carry up to 25 combat aircraft. he said india is looking to protect its maritime interests. the country already has a british-built aircraft carrier and will buy another one from russia by the end of this year. indian leaders said this week they were preparing to test their first home built nuclear submarines. >>> the leaders of japan and china have been dealing with a number of disagreements including territorial disputes and other problems dating back to world war ii. the anniversary of the signing of a peace treaty has given them a chance to reassess ties. officials at japan's foreign ministry issued a statement on monday to mark the 35th anniver
soldado, el gobierno de obama revelÓ secretos de espionaje. reconociÓ que ordeno a la agencia de seguridad nacional, dejar de revisar e-mail de estadounidenses que no tenÍan relaciÓn con el terrorismo, serÍan 56 mil correos electrÓnicos, una corte le ordenÓ a la agencia que lo hiciera, tambiÉn en respuesta por parte del gobierno, las filtraciones, del ex analista de filtraciÓn de inteligecia, y prÓfugo de autoridades edward snowden. policÍas de massachusetts tienen una nueva visiÓn contra el delito, lentes equipados con minicÁmaras que captan lo que tiene alrededor. la cÁmara esta adherida a gafas, y graba cada movimiento de cabeza de la gente que la utiliza, cuando detecta a un conductor con exceso de velocidad, o suceso sospechoso en un operativo, se lo hacen saber, las imÁgenes no alteran ni manipulan, la grabaciÓn se ve en telÉfonos inteligentes. quÉ bien que tenemos la tecnologÍa a disposiciÓn plena de agentes del orden que velan por nuestra seguridad, tambiÉn el jueves, tenemos quÉ saber que nos depara en el estado del tiempo, los detalles los tiene karlita, adela
they can take it. >> if workers at the bottom get the increase in the minimum wage that president obama proposed in his state of the union message, they will still be faring less well than their counterparts did 50 years ago. >> that's right. >> what does that say to you? >> the peak for the minimum wage in terms of its real purchasing power was 1968. it's been basically declining with a couple of ups and downs ever since. so, that if you adjust for the current price, the minimum wage was about $10.50 roughly, back in 1968 in terms of what it could buy. and it's $7.25 today in terms of what it can buy. so, you've taken the folks at the bottom, the people who work hard, full-time jobs, and you've made their economic condition worse over a 50-year period, while wealth has accumulated at the top. what kind of a society does this? and then the arguments have come out, which are in my profession, a major staple for many careers, are arguments that, "gee, if you raise the minimum wage, a few people who might've otherwise gotten a job won't get it because the employer doesn't want to pay the h
del desarrollo de esta noticia, gracias a marÍa eugenia, otra parte que el presidente obama reanuda su trabajo de la casa blanca, luego de regresar de martha's vineyard en massachusetts, su agenda incluye npa reuniÓn para determinar avances de la determinaciÓn de una ley financiera luego de la recesiÓn. pasÓ 9 relajantes dÍas, jugÓ golf, y disfrutÓ de la brisa, recargando baterÍas para su intensa tarea como lÍder de la mayor potencia mundiale. >>> 1200 bomberos y 19 aviones cisternas son la ofensiva de la batalla contra un incendio en idaho, las llamas se contuvieron en un 10%, obligando a la evacuaciÓn de 1300 hogares, en la zona tienen propiedades estrellas de hollywood, como tom hanks, bruce willis, y arnold schwarzenegger. >>> y el estelar corredor sudafricano de piernas amputados pistorius, regresÓ a pretoria para escuchar cargos formales por el asesinato a tiros de su novia, el atleta que usa prÓtesis para competir, y estÁ en libertad bajo fianza, dijo que le disparÓ a la vÍctima 4 veces, que fue un trÁgico error, se espera el juicio para el 2014. >>> la algarabÍ
actividades ilicitas en sus comercios... ... el presidente barack obama aprobo de manero oficial la postulacion del alcalde de newark, cory booker para el senado... en un comunicado, el presidente elogio al alcalde democrata por su trabajo en cargos publicos y dijo que es un socio importante en los esfuerzos para reducir la violencia armada, fortalecer la economia y otros temas claves... booker, se proclamo vencedor de las primarias democratas para disputar el puesto de senador de nueva jersey, cargo por el competira contra el aspirante republicano steve lonegan en las elecciones especiales del 16 de octubre.... el abuso laboral sigue siendo un problema en estados unidos... organizaciones comunitarias, agencias federales y la red de consulados mexicanos unen sus fuerzas para tratar de combatir este problema. pedro ultreras nos amplÍa tomÓ solo una firma para que el consulado general de me Éxico en nueva york y el departamento del trabajo federal de ee.uu. sellaran un acuerdo de colaboraciÓn para evitar que mÁs mexicanos en el paÍs sean abusados en el trabajo. "es muy important
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